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・Price including tax ・Free shipping within Japan
・It may take some time to receive panels made in Japan.

Blink "Shun" Large Panel

Scheduled to be shipped in about 2 weeks after reception
  • The original work by the author is printed in high definition on the "Arche" museum grade CANSON INFINITY Velin Museum Rag, which was favored by Picasso and Chagall, and is produced using domestic wooden panels.

    Custom Size: 1,000mm╳1,000mm╳30mm


    ●Note: We use highly durable paper and panels, but they are not waterproof or fireproof. Please refrain from using in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, or in places where the temperature changes drastically. As this is a handmade product, there may be slight individual differences, but we will deliver the product with the inspection signature attached to the back label.

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