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calligraphy calligraphy and illustration interior art sunlight filtering through trees light and shadow fluctuation calligraphy calligraphic work writing brush characters words art art illustration interior wall hanging signboard opening of a shop package label celebration baby gift naming your name calligraphy gift present birthday wedding anniversary sixtieth birthday celebration anniversary motto

Sun through the trees of the calligraphy Sun through the leaves of the calligraphy Calligraphy and illustrations Interior art Sunlight through the trees Light and shadow Fluctuation Calligraphy Calligraphy work Writing brush Letters Words Art Art Illustration Interior wall hanging Signboard Opening package Label Celebration Baby gift Naming name Calligraphy Gift Present Birthday Wedding Anniversary Sixtieth Birthday Anniversary Motto

It is a high-quality panel made in Japan with less warping and tenoning on the joints of the wooden frame.
The inside of the crosspiece is recessed so that the panel can be securely hung on the wall. Empane that has evolved further by listening to the requests of the artist and improving them.

Established in 1913 in Taisho 2nd year.

Kyoto's long-established store "Gasido" that has continued to support "making"I was particular about material and Japan quality and completed it after repeated improvement.Manufactured using wooden panels.


Founder Gennosuke Yamamoto deepened exchanges with painters of the same generation,It seems that he was creating products with the joy of the creator.

In addition to selling materials and tools that support “making”

Support for the operation of art classes and the exhibition of works that support "learning"

Frame orders that support "showing", etc.

More than 100 years later, we continue to develop services that support all forms of expression.

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