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black and white.

Are the things we see, the world, really that color?
As if there is a range of sounds that cannot be heard
Don't you sometimes feel areas that are not even visible in color?


If you can enjoy "calligraphy" like music
Rhythm, Volume, Interlude, Harmony, Reverberation...
When I write, I write like playing music.

I feel the same when I look at it.

Is there an inaudible but charming part of your favorite song?
If you like the invisible part of my calligraphy
I couldn't be happier.

Of course, appearance is also important.
​I would like to express the invisible.


It's been 50 years since I held the brush. I learned calligraphy from the age of 4, and since I was a child, I also liked drawing and designing, so I decided to pursue a career in graphic design.
I became an independent company, became a father, and started a calligraphy class   14th year since I met many students. I am also learning from the classics in Rinsho and copying the thoughts of 1000 years ago, while also exploring my own lines.

A comfortable "book like music to listen to on a sunny day"
I would like to send it to you and make you feel at home. In addition, we will express "everyone's thoughts" in custom-made works, so please feel free to contact us. Thank you for viewing.

Fall 2020 Shinji Okano

calligraphy calligraphy and illustration interior art sunlight filtering through trees light and shadow fluctuation calligraphy calligraphic work writing brush characters words art art illustration interior wall hanging signboard opening of a shop package label celebration baby gift naming your name calligraphy gift present birthday wedding anniversary sixtieth birthday celebration anniversary motto

Sun through the trees of the calligraphy Sun through the leaves of the calligraphy Calligraphy and illustrations Interior art Sunlight through the trees Light and shadow Fluctuation Calligraphy Calligraphy work Writing brush Letters Words Art Art Illustration Interior wall hanging Signboard Opening package Label Celebration Baby gift Naming name Calligraphy Gift Present Birthday Wedding Anniversary Sixtieth Birthday Anniversary Motto

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